A Spicy bit of American History finally revealed...


        In 1812 Napoleon’s long grinding war with Great Britain drew in fledging United States as British Sailors boarded US Ships and attempted to shanghai their crews. Overwhelmingly outnumbered, the brave men of the American Navy fought heroically against impossible odds. President James Madison, always caring deeply for the health and spirit of those noble sea warriors sought was to boost their morale in the face of war.

        Luckily, beginning at the turn of the century, hot sauces were appearing in increasing variety across American society due to advances in bottling manufacturing which produced more attractive and distinct bottles.  Mr. Madison, a quiet and thoughtful man by natural discern and opportunity to alleviate stale rations as they were by British Cannonades

        The President rushed stores of hot sauce to the docks and stocked every ship on his Navy with the fiery condiments. Soon the beleaguered Marines had even in those days of fire, smoke, and death, something to look forward to: chowtime!

        Not only did Madison’s timely decision give flavor to the tasteless hard tack and insufferable gruel, the hot sauce imbued the Marines with fierce courage and stoked the flames of their patriotic passions. The young nation’s ships exacted a far greater toll than they suffered and earned them lasting fame in the annals of history. So legendary where their exploits in fact, that the contribution of the quiet but passionate President Madison and the heat that fired their feats were largely forgotten in the passing years.

        Madison’s honors freedom as the foundation of this great nation and the consumer’s freedom to choose a truly delicious flavoring for every meal.